B2B Sales & Client Meetings

Tools & Templates

What do the best-of-the-best do in their sales and client meetings to build trust and win work? Use these free tools and templates to learn some of their techniques and get advice on what to do in future meetings.

Client Meeting Planner Template

This three-page template is an essential client relationship building tool. It will help to ensure you have meetings with clients and prospective clients that are engaging and build trust – making them want to buy from you.

Meeting Follow Up Email Template

Want to make sure you continue to build trust and engagement after the meeting, and ensure you get a second one? This template shows you the most effective way to follow up with someone by email after a meeting.

Meeting Assessment Tool

Use this meeting assessment tool to understand exactly what type of relationship you have or are building with a client or prospective client, and to receive advice on what to do in your next meeting to move your relationship towards a trusted, partner relationship.

Octagon Behavioural Profiling Tool

Your behaviour dictates the extent to which people will want to engage with you: colleagues, clients, customers, suppliers. The Octagon is a simple but accurate self-assessment tool that measures your behavioural preferences. It provides a reference point that helps you to think about your own behaviour, how your preferences may impact how others respond towards you, with advice on how you might need to adapt to build rapport.

Video Tips

In these videos The Business of Trust team share some tips on common sales and BD challenges.

Establishing a successful key client strategy

Keith discusses the core elements of a successful key client strategy that will help you deliver on your business strategy.

The challenges of cross selling

Keith explains why having the same end game is essential if you want your teams to successfully cross sell.

What went wrong in your last sales meeting?

In this video, Keith discusses why selling your authority and expertise won’t maximise the engagement of your prospect or client.

What to do when you’re asked for a discount

In this video, Keith discusses discounting, and how to handle it when a client asks you for one.

How not to do a pitch

In this video, Keith explains why you might be disengaging your client in your presentation or pitch.

Using four levels of thinking to develop your strategy

In this video, Keith gives an overview of how the four levels of thinking can be used to help develop strategy.

How to deal with rejection when approaching new clients

In this video, Keith explains how to minimise your chance of rejection, and what to do when it happens.

How to build rapport with different kinds of people

In this video, Keith explains how to adapt your behaviours to build rapport with people who are different from you.

How to use this downtime to develop your key client strategy

In this video filmed during the Covid-19 health crisis in 2020, Keith explains how to make use of this downtime to develop a clear key client strategy.

How to build and maintain client relationships remotely

In this video filmed during the Covid-19 health crisis, Keith explains how to build and maintain relationships when you can’t meet face-to-face.

How to get your first (and second) ‘business date’

In this video filmed during the Covid-19 health crisis, Keith explains how to get your first (and second) ‘business date’ when you can’t meet face-to-face.

What do your clients value other than what you sell?

In this video, Keith explains how to understand what your clients might value receiving from you.

Videos of Meeting Scenarios

What does a good sales or client meeting look like?

In these role play meetings, Keith plays the ‘seller’ and Kathryn plays the client – a senior leader in a government organisation in charge of a public transport project. Each scenario addresses a different challenge that we often see our clients face in various meeting situations.

In each video, we first role play a ‘bad’ meeting, followed by a ‘good’ meeting. In between each one, Keith offers some insights as to what works and doesn’t work in building trust in meetings.

Some of the meetings we role play include:

  • Making a cold phone call to a new prospect.
  • Meeting with a senior decision maker when you’re a detail driven person.
  • How to follow up a losing bid.
  • A meeting where you disagree with the approach the client is taking.
  • Pitching your product or service in a meeting.
  • How to close a meeting.
  • And more!

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