Julien Lepetit

Julien is Director for The Business of Trust, Europe.

Most people I speak to, who work in professional services, want to become a trusted advisor to their clients. While this seems easy on paper, in reality many find it quite difficult, and aren’t sure what measures to put in place to know when they’ve achieved this privileged position.

I love nothing more than helping people learn about and implement our simple and pragmatic tools. Being simple doesn’t make them easy – so I am the confidence booster that helps people change their habits, sustainably. What motivates me most is seeing people get out of their comfort zone, try something different, and come back from meetings astonished by the remarkable difference they created.

As a former consultant, I’m able to relate closely to the challenging journey that may come with the necessary behavioural change for my trainees and coachees as they seek to build trusted relationships with their clients.

A consulting engineer for 10 years, I learned how to rapidly built rapport with engineers, technicians, architects, project managers and all the disciplines involved in infrastructure planning, construction and development. Since moving into a Client and Business Development role, I’ve also worked with accountants, lawyers, management consultants, cybersecurity and digital transformation experts.  More recently I have come to work with increasingly diverse organisations including start-ups and co-working spaces.

Julien works with his clients to:

  • Develop and implement client strategies.
  • Prepare for meetings to create a truly different client experience.
  • Carefully position their companies for opportunities.
  • Develop higher proposal win rates.
  • Prepare compelling proposal presentations.
  • Rehearse, practice and put in place our various tools and techniques.

The outcomes of Julien’s work:

Here are some examples of specific outcomes from Julien’s work:

  • Helped a Canberra based Managing Director secure their first ever sole-sourced project for the ACT Government despite his adamant view that it was simply impossible due to procurement rules.
  • In his last consulting role, he met his revenue targets, including 85% revenue from government clients, without participating in any public Request for Proposal processes.
  • Part of a team of sales coaches at PwC who helped boost the proposal win rate from 28% to 69% in 2017.
  • As an ENGAGE facilitator for PwC, his satisfaction rating by participants was 4.93/5 (98.6%) for the period Oct-15 to June-17.
  • Worked closely with a Key Account Manager and Global Relationship Partner at PwC to grow their account by +270% in 7 months, primarily through discipline around meeting planning and use of the ENGAGE tools.

Julien’s happy clients:

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