Beyond training: How to create long term change

Each year, companies around the world spend billions on training – and yet too often, the training doesn’t have the desired impact, and little real change is seen.

Often this isn’t because the training itself was useless – but because of the forgetting curve. Most evidence suggests that if nothing is proactively done to help people retain what they learn and put it into practice, within a year 90% of new skills are lost and forgotten.

Training is never a ‘quick fix’. That’s why at The Business of Trust, we will always work with you to ensure you have the right framework in place to support your training program, before any training takes place – from offering recommendations for self-implementation, or assisting you to set your support framework up.

The support framework looks across all three phases:

  • Assess where you/your team/your company currently are when it comes to BD and sales skills and effectiveness, what most needs to change, and how you will measure the success of the change over time.
  • How and what support needs to be put in place – this can vary from in-houses coaches, to communications channels, and modifying some critical systems and processes.
  • Ensuring that your training program has a clear connection to both your business and client strategies.
  • Training should be changed and adapted as needed for each organisation – particularly to bring in success stories from past participants that help to personalise the training.
  • Determine how you will track and report on changes in behaviour over time.
  • Check the outcomes of the implementation against your business and client strategies.
  • Create a plan for both short and long-term reinforcement.
  • Establish an alumni network, and make a commitment to communication, refresher training and story sharing.
  • We can also help integrate our tools into your existing systems and processes to help embed the change.

Case Study

Read a case study on the program that was put in place within VWR Europe to support the roll out of ENGAGE training at VWR in Europe.