ENGAGE B2B Sales Training - Online

Learn how to build trusted B2B relationships and grow sales - no matter where you are in the world, from the comfort of your own home!

Time: 4 x 1/2 day training sessions delivered online.
Public and Private courses available.
8-30 participants per course.

Developed by Keith Dugdale and David Lambert, the ENGAGE B2B Sales Training program is based on their proven approach of providing value in every interaction. It’s been delivered in-person and online to thousands of people around the world who are responsible for business-to-business sales – from consultants and small business owners to employees and leaders of Fortune 500 firms.

“The Zoom-based remote Engage workshop was as effective or in some sessions even more effective than a traditional classroom workshop. I appreciate the great use of digital whiteboards and breakout rooms, and very little Powerpoint. So thank you!”  ”

Ting C., Senior Manager, Large Consulting Firm

ENGAGE Online is our hallmark two-day B2B sales training program delivered in a 100% virtual format over 4 x 1/2 day sessions.

Unlike our traditional in-person program, attendees have time to take specific actions using their new skills in-between each of the training sessions, allowing them to receive real life feedback and coaching from their facilitator.

Half days 1 and 2 are primarily focused on teaching, and half days 3 and 4 are primarily focused on putting it all into practice. This practical component is critical in giving you the opportunity and the confidence to try it out in the ‘real world’.

Why online?

The online program would suit those participants who:

  • want an online option but want more hands-on-support from a facilitator that what’s available via our on-demand courses in The Academy of Trust.
  • work in a team across multiple offices but would like to undertake the training with their team without any travel costs.
  • are looking for more flexibility to fit in the training during their regular working week, with the option to access a recording if they can’t avoid missing part of a session.
What to expect

We use ZOOM as the training platform for our online ENGAGE program. Just like our in-person program, the session is highly interactive with the use of breakout rooms, videos, virtual whiteboarding, and role plays (which is when the fun really happens!).

A detailed break-down of the content of the online ENGAGE program is listed below:

Session 1Your personal challenges in ‘selling’.
 Understanding the different types of client relationships, and assessing your current relationships.
 Understanding the different buying criteria and who you should be targeting and why.
 Understanding your own behaviours and the behaviours of others so you can adapt to build rapport.
HomeworkWatch two videos of people adapting behaviour in meetings.
Session 2Understanding and identifying what clients value.
 How to get meetings that decision makers want to come to, and open meetings in an engaging way.
 Drafting an email to get a meeting with a real client/ prospect.
HomeworkSubmitting a real email to get a meeting and feedback from the facilitator.
 Session 3How to ask questions that build trust quickly.
Practising asking questions to build trust.
Facilitating a meeting/capturing meeting content, and how to use this technique for presentations and pitching.
Session 4Rehearsing a real client meeting practising the questioning techniques.
How to ask strategic, broad ranging questions that position you as a trusted advisor.
How to ‘sell’ ideas in an engaging way through benefits and stories.
Practising opening meetings in stressful situations.
How to follow up meetings in an engaging way that continues the relationship.
Bringing all the skills together in a practical way.
HomeworkPreparing questions for a real client meeting.

“I attribute the skills I learnt at the ENGAGE course to making my targets in my first year. I did the course in October and did 50% of my annual target in the 2 months leading up to the following June. I feel the skills I learned allowed me to build the relationships that saw me hit my numbers last year.”

Joe Feredoes, Senior IT Advisor
ENGAGE B2B Sales training online
Customisation options

While ENGAGE is based on a set structure, the facilitator will adapt the sequence and content throughout the workshop depending on the needs of the attendees.

For private courses run internally within organisations, the workshop branding and case studies used within the training can be customised.

Your facilitator/consultant

The ENGAGE online training program is run by one of The Business of Trust team, or one of our accredited trainers.

You can meet the team here. 

What previous participants have had to say

Read some feedback from past participants of the ENGAGE training program on our Testimonials page.

How to register

For more information on running the ENGAGE B2B Sales Training online program in your organisation, please contact us.

To find out about any upcoming public training programs of our online program, please check out our events page, or contact us to be added to our waiting list.