Business to Business (B2B) and professional services sales and selling has changed.

No longer can you rely on your sales pitch, coffee catch ups and capability statements to help you get in the door and make the sale. Now you need to be engaging, helpful and truly different so that people want to buy from you, and you don’t have to sell (or discount).

At The Business of Trust we help people, teams and B2B organisations improve the trust they have with their clients in order to help them win more work.  Put simply, it’s about learning a smarter way of selling.

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Get the confidence to avoid the traditional sales pitch

People hate being sold to. This free template will help you to avoid going down the path of a traditional sales pitch meeting where you talk all about yourself and your business or offering. This undermines trust, and builds a risky technical relationship where you usually only win on price. This template will give a clear structure to your meeting which will help you build trust and rapport in the meeting.

Keith Dugdale has a smarter way of selling.

What if you could find out what the best of the best do to be successful at B2B sales, and decode it so it could be easily replicated by anyone?

This is exactly what Keith Dugdale and his co-author David Lambert did when they wrote Smarter Selling: How to grow sales by building trusted relationships. Their methods are based on observing the best professional services sellers and rainmakers for more than 25 years. You can now learn these same techniques through The Business of Trust and The Academy of Trust.

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