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Join our global community by becoming an accredited partner of The Business of Trust or The Academy of Trust.

Grow your consulting business by helping your clients learn how to build trusted relationships and grow sales.

Why partner with us?

When it comes to selling, knowing your stuff is no longer enough. And yet, many people responsible for selling don’t know how to do it well or simply lack the confidence to do it at all. In fact, in our experience from the hundreds of organisations we have worked with and observed, the majority of people want access to tools and techniques that will help them to be more effective at sales and client relationships.

Our ENGAGE tools can help them do this. Becoming an accredited partner will enable you to help them upskill, more easily win work and achieve their full potential.

And not only will you be helping your clients grow their businesses, but you will become an expert at the use of the ENGAGE methodology yourself. This will help drive your own business growth.

Who should become accredited, and what’s involved?

The Business of Trust

A Business of Trust accreditation will benefit consultants who work with senior leaders, particularly in B2B and professional services firms, to improve their sales culture, client relationships, and overall business performance.

Being an accredited partner enables you to deliver our two-day ENGAGE training program, or shorter workshops and presentations using the ENGAGE methodology; will drive a deep understanding of how to embed cultural change.

During the accreditation process you will learn:

  • How to present and coach the tools and techniques covered within the program.
  • How to guide your clients on embedding the training and building their sales culture to drive business performance.
  • How to link ENGAGE to their key client planning program, and develop relationship plans for individual target clients.

The Academy of Trust

An Academy of Trust accreditation is different than a Business of Trust accreditation as our partners are not involved in the delivery of any training programs.

As such, our AOT partners are often other consultants or businesses who offer complimentary services and see a need for our training within their client organisations, but do not want to deliver it themselves. Some of our current AOT partners include:

  • HR consultants and Executive recruiters
  • Marketing consultants

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