Speaking Topics

The Business of Trust team can speak to a range of topics related to sales and client relationships for professional services and B2B organisations. Some of our most commonly requested topics include:

We can tailor our presentation topic to suit the outcomes you are looking to achieve. All of our presentations are based on the principals of Smarter Selling, and are highly interactive. Attendees will leave the presentation with practical tips and tools they can put into practice immediately to help grow their sales and build trusted partner relationships with clients and prospects.

Building the trusted organisation

Most modern organisations have been designed and structured for the knowledge economy, where what they market and sell is their credibility, where people buy from them because they can trust their technical knowledge and expertise. This in turn led to organisations structuring their recruitment, rewards, technology, support systems and strategy to feed this knowledge based enterprise. However, many organisations now realise that trust is much broader and deeper than technical knowledge and expertise, and as a result are having to re-design their organisation to drive an approach where everything they do means the market will trust them. In this presentation, we look at what organisations have done to re-design who they are – to build trust not only with their clients, but internally within the organisation as well.

What do customers/clients really value?

The question of what customers/clients really value has vexed many a consultant or salesperson.  And yet increasingly they are being told that to win work they need to ‘build trust’ and ‘add value’ – so just what does this mean? In this presentation, we will explain how roles and environments significantly impact what people value, and will introduce a way of identifying what an individual buyer potentially values, and how this information can be used to build a trusted client relationship, and ultimately win work.

How to build trusted client relationships quickly

In these days of rapid fire decisions, short attention spans, and the need for ‘quick wins’, it is often said that there is little point in building a relationship as it takes too long. In this presentation, we explain how you can build trust quickly, in only one meeting, from a standing start. We will also look at the four different types of business relationships, the upsides and risks of each one, and how to develop the type of relationship that your client will value and will be most valuable to you.

How to get meetings with busy decision makers

Getting in front of busy key decision makers is a challenge that almost all consultants and salespeople face. Faced with significant competition for the decision makers time, and often feeling a lack of confidence in why decision makers might want to meet with them, many consultants adopt ineffective approaches in their attempt to get in the door. In this presentation, we will explain what decision makers value and how you can construct invitations that will cut through the noise and make them enthusiastic about meeting you – no matter what your role or position title is.

Moving beyond price: How to leverage relationship selling in a procurement-driven world

‘All my clients care about is price’ is a statement that is increasingly expressed across the business world, particularly with the seemingly growing role of procurement and pricing functions, and particularly within Government organisations. While it is true that price is a critical factor in the decision-making process, there are ways to help clients and prospects see beyond the price and focus on value.  In this presentation, we will look at how you can position your firm, and get your sellers to position themselves, to more easily win profitable work based on value, not price. You will discover how to:

  1. Make sure you are dealing with the person at the client end who is not as focussed on price.
  2. Understand the type of relationships your firm needs to build which negate a focus on price.
  3. Identify the value that prospective clients are looking for.
  4. Get a meeting with the right person about the right subject (no capability statements required).

Developing a client-centric sales culture

Telecom sales, legal advice, sportswear, or engineering services. It doesn’t matter what you are seeling, every industry is now rethinking the way it approaches the market.  Increased competition, globalisation and new technologies mean the sales culture of the past will be irrelevant in the future. In this presentation, we will explain what a cross-section of industries are doing to change their sales cultures, and what aspects of the business they are having to adapt to ensure the change is effective and sustainable.

Pitching to win

Your bid or proposal document has been submitted, and now your client has asked for your team to come in for a pitch presentation. What do you do? Most organisations still prepare traditional pitches which have a strong presentation and ‘show and tell’ focus, rather than focusing on what’s most important – building rapport with the people in the room. In this presentation, Keith will look at why the traditional pitch no longer works, and introduce an alternate, interactive method of presenting and pitching that will help you to connect with prospective clients and immediately differentiate yourself from your competition.

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