Think on Your Feet® Training

Time: 2 days
Private courses only.
12-16 participants per course.
Why Think on Your Feet?

Have you ever come out of a meeting with a client or an internal conference call thinking, “I wish I had said…” or “I wish I had been more confident”?

Or have you ever found your ideas challenged on the spot, and felt like you didn’t respond as well as you’d like?

It is in these situations that Think on Your Feet® skills will save you.

Over 95% of communication is informal. Think on Your Feet® is the only workshop that addresses these informal situations, providing the skills you need to present, defend, and discuss a position persuasively and fast. This training addresses informal situations such as:

  • Off-the-cuff discussions
  • Elevator speeches
  • Q&A
  • Meetings
  • Summaries
  • Status updates
  • Conference calls

Think on Your Feet® training will help you:

  • To be more persuasive
  • To answer questions and answers effectively
  • To answer the complex more clearly
  • To handle their fear of public speaking
  • To learn advanced speech and debate techniques

This two-day, customizable workshop will teach you how to:

  • Use the best communication strategy for any situation.
  • Structure a topic into bite-sized chunks for easy retention.
  • Present ideas clearly, concisely and memorably.

Think on Your Feet® introduces 10 structures that help you visualize and organize your ideas quickly – even under extreme pressure.

These structures use three simple communication strategies:

  1. INFORMATIVE – package information logically and succinctly
  2. ASSERTIVE – position arguments to persuade your audience
  3. VISUAL – appeal to your audience with images and analogies

You may also be able to earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) from Think on Your Feet®. Participants are eligible for qualified PDUs from accredited associations and certificate programs.

To see if you might be able to claim PDU or CPD points from attending Think on Your Feet®, please contact Think on Your Feet directly.

Who and how many should attend?

Think on Your Feet® is designed for anyone looking to enhance their communication skills. We cater to all levels of professions — whether you’re a senior executive, manager or just starting out in your career.

As with our ENGAGE training program, we recommend 12-16 participants in a single course in order to maximise its impact and effectiveness.

What to expect

In a typical two-day Think on Your Feet® training workshop, participants can expect to practice, and get coaching and feedback on:

  • Getting to the point
  • Being remembered
  • Presenting with speed & clarity
  • What to do when you are caught off guard
  • Handling questions
  • Structuring information
  • Expanding or focusing perspectives
  • Resolving opposing ideas
  • Highlighting the benefits of your ideas
  • Illustrating them with stories and examples

Your facilitator/consultant

Your facilitator for Think on Your Feet® will be Keith Dugdale, who is an accredited Think on Your Feet trainer.

What previous participants have had to say

Here is what a previous participant had to say a year after attending a Think on Your Feet® course with Keith:

“I participated in your course middle of last year. It was life changing. I got a promotion quicker than anyone else in the firm in large part due to this course. There was something you mentioned during the course, which has lasted with me ever since, it was something along the lines of: “Your challenge is to tell your mind to just shut up”. It resonated with me and was remarkable that you identified my central challenge almost immediately.”

Panashe D., Consultant

How to register

We only run Think on Your Feet® internally for organisations – we do not run these as public courses.

If you would like more information about running Think on Your Feet® for your team, please contact us.