Octagon Behavioural Profiling Tool

Accurately Measure Your Behavioural Preferences

Your behaviour dictates the extent to which people will want to engage with you: colleagues, clients, customers and suppliers. Developed by Keith Dugdale and David Lambert, authors of Smarter Selling, the Octagon is a simple but accurate self-assessment tool that measures your behavioural preferences. It provides a reference point that helps you think about:

  • Your behaviour and the behaviour of others you interact with.
  • How your preferences may impact how others respond to you.
  • How you might need to adapt in order to build rapport with others.

To better understand your own behaviours, take 10 minutes to complete the Octagon Behavioural Profiling Tool.

Do you lead a team? Get your entire team to complete the Octagon and transform your team dynamics simply by everyone understanding each other’s behavioural preferences.


Managing Director at The Business of Trust

Keith Dugdale is an international speaker and the co-author of Smarter Selling: How to grow sales by building trusted relationships. He helps people, teams and organisations around the world improve the trust they have with their clients through his business, The Business of Trust.