Jon Huxley The Business of Trust New Zealand

Great news for our New Zealand clients and connections – Jon Huxley has joined our team as Director, New Zealand to help service and grow our New Zealand client base.

Most importantly, according to Keith, Jon brings our ratio of people with an English accent in the business to 50%. Originally from Newcastle upon Thyne in the UK, Jon moved with his family to New Zealand 18 years ago.

Like the rest of us here at BOFT, Jon’s most recent background is in Professional Services with more than six years at Beca Group as General Manager for Business Development, and nearly four years prior to that with PwC as their National Business Development skills coach.

Fore more details on his career experience, check him out on LinkedIn.

We first met Jon a couple of years ago when Jon engaged Keith to help develop the business development skills of a range of Beca team members. Jon says “I’d heard of Keith Dugdale long before I had met him.  Since our first meeting at Melbourne Airport, I’ve now worked with Keith for two years delivering the ‘See More Programme’ throughout the Beca Group. We worked closely in the early days to take much of what the Business of Trust does and add a few tweaks to make it 100% relevant to the business. Keith and I have co-delivered the programme and it continues to be a real success.”

Jon will continue to deliver the See More Programme, which is based on our ENGAGE methodology, with Beca, in addition to his new role with The Business of Trust and his role as Partner with Beaton Research and Consulting, and a volunteer with Business Mentors NZ.

Why did he decide to join The Business of Trust?

“The chance to work alongside Keith is a fantastic one. He has a great brand in Australia and NZ and will be a huge source of advice for me. He’s also a good bloke, in spite of his passion for the wrong football club! His brand is obviously built on him as a person but equally on the quality and relevance of his IP. My personal take on the Business of Trust is that we are a business that improves sales performance through mindset shift and where needed, culture change. Many sales training programmes focus too much on process.  The idea that if you follow a set of processes then you will have a better outcome than if you don’t.

“My view is that clients don’t want to be on the receiving end of well drilled sales person who has mastered a process. They want to work with people they can trust. People who understand the needs and their business. People who authentically care about their clients more than themselves. That’s what The Business of Trust aims to achieve with its clients and that’s why I’m on board!”

If you’d like to have a chat with Jon about ideas to help yourself, your team or your business improve your sales performance, he can be contacted on [email protected] or send him a message via LinkedIn.