Why most sales emails don’t work

Have you ever sent off a sales email to someone you really wanted to get a meeting with but got no response? Or if you got a response it was along the lines of ‘no thanks’ or ‘I’m too busy’ or ‘I’ve already got a provider that I’m happy with’?

If you’re anything like most of my clients, then the answer is yes.

Most of the time they’re a bit puzzled by this. They’ll say ‘but our product/service is great, and totally what they need!’. But when they share with me exactly what it was that they sent off, I can tell them straight away why it didn’t work.

Why most sales emails don’t work

The reason why most sales emails (or sales calls) don’t get the response that the sender was hoping for is because they are far too self-oriented. They tell the buyer:

  • Who I am, who I work for, what my position is.
  • What great product/service we have and why I think it will be great for you.
  • Lists of other companies I do work for, whether they are relevant to you or not.
  • How keen I am to get some work from you.

From what I see, most people still take this approach (even though most know it is wrong or at least not very effective) because it’s in their comfort zone, they feel it’s risky to change, and they simply don’t know what else to write.

So I reviewed a couple of sales emails and why they don’t work

Because of all the problems I see people having writing sales emails, I decided to put together some short, free videos on how to write sales emails that really work, and share what I see the best B2B sellers doing that helps them get meetings with senior decision makers.

Before I get into what you should write in a great sales email, I’ve done a video where I actually step through a couple of what I would call ‘traditional’ sales emails first, and point out where I think they go wrong.

You can watch it here.

These are emails that the recipients actually sent on to me to say ‘Hey Keith, check this out!’ Emails that they never responded to…and in this video I’ll show you why I think that is.

I’d love to hear from some of you about what you think most people do wrong in their sales emails, or where you struggle most with your own sales emails. Head on over to this post on my LinkedIn page to join in the conversation.