‘Can you contact me again in a couple of weeks?’ 3 steps to consider when your client or prospect postpones you.

So you’ve written what you think is a great I We U, and you’ve received a response from your client or prospect saying they’d love to meet only they’re a little busy at the moment, and can they come back to you in a couple of weeks time?

What does this mean, and what should you do now? My view is that while there’s a chance that they really are too busy, if your U statement is compelling enough they’ll want to make time for you in their diary. So, here’s 3 steps I’d recommend you take.

Step 1 – Reflect. Go back to your U statement (where you indicated what value THEY are going to get from the meeting). Was it strong enough to really get the client excited about meeting you? Was it low on self-interest? Did it avoid using words like ‘solutions’ and ‘our product/service’ or ‘how I can help you’. If you didn’t already run it past someone else for feedback before you sent it (which I recommend you always do), do so now. Remember, there are three key ways you can generally think about how to add value in a meeting: insights, connections or shared experiences.

Step 2 – Action. When you receive their response, and after you’re reviewed your U statement, email back suggesting a few specific options in the time frame they’re suggesting. If there’s room for improvement in your U statement, I recommend refining or fine tuning it again, and including it in this second email.

Step 3 – Plan. Plan ahead – what’s the next I We U you’ll send this client or prospect, regardless of whether you get this meeting or not. Do some lateral research so you understand more about what’s happening in their world. This will help you to really focus your U statement so that the same problem doesn’t get repeated.