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Join our online training course, The Client Magnet, and learn how to build trusted relationships and grow sales.

The Client Magnet

The Client Magnet is a six-week, online course with Keith Dugdale. We are currently in session so registrations are closed, but to find out more about the course and to sign up to be notified for future courses,  click here.

Join our online training course, The Meeting Magnet, and learn how the best of the best at B2B sales get meetings with senior decision makers.

The Meeting Magnet sales training
The Meeting Magnet is a three-week, online course with Keith Dugdale. Registrations are currently closed, but to find out more about the course and to sign up to be notified for future courses,  click here.

Our two-day ENGAGE training program: learn how to quickly build trusted relationships and win more work

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As the business environment becomes more and more competitive, it becomes harder and harder to differentiate your offering or solution, or even to get in the door of the senior decision makers who buy your service. Not only does solution selling not work anymore, but buyers hate being sold to – which is why the type of relationships you build, and the impact you have right from your first email and first meeting,  become more and more important. In fact, they become your differentiator.

Engage is about the skills and attributes that not only enable you to do this, but give you the confidence to actually put it into practice.

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Developed by Keith Dugdale and David Lambert, authors of the best-selling Smarter Selling (Financial Times Prentice- Hall 2007), the Engage skills program is based on their proven approach of providing value in every interaction. It has now been delivered to more than 10,000 people who are responsible for business-to-business sales around the world in both public and in-house workshops – from consultants and small business owners to employees and leaders of Fortune 500 firms.

Relationship skills are essential in selling, but Engage is not just for salespeople. This program will enable you and/or your team to build trusted, partner relationships (be it with customers, suppliers or internally within and between teams) so you can:

  • Interact effectively with anyone.
  • Build sustainable differentiation.
  • Create environments in which people buy (and you don’t have to sell).
  • Achieve consensus quickly.
  • Be sought out as a business advisor beyond just your own technical expertise.
  • Get more repeat business.
  • Increase business referrals.

By the end of the two day workshop, participants will have learned:

  • What behaviours build trust in sales conversations….and how to avoid those that do not.
  • How to identify the right person to talk to in any organisation..and who to avoid and why.
  • How to identify the four common types of business relationships, and how you can create the right relationships with the right people.
  • How to write engaging emails/make engaging phone calls that make senior decision makers want to meet you.
  • How to ask questions and deliver value in every conversation so you engage your clients and prospects, build trust and win work….profitably and quickly. Without any hard sell.
  • How to follow up meetings in a way that continues to build the relationship.
  • What to say to genuinely differentiate yourself from your competitors…and what to avoid.

What you can expect:

The Engage workshop is highly interactive, involving a lot of hands-on workshopping. Engage is focused on giving you practical tools and techniques that you can implement straight away. At the end of the two days you’ll have developed a relationship plan for a current or desired client, and have a personal development plan focused on the most important things you need to work on to become a trust business partner. Following the training, not only will you have access to Keith as an ongoing coach and mentor, but you’ll also join a network of alumni who you can connect to and share ideas with.

What kind of people and organisations can benefit from Engage?

Keith developed the training after 25 years working with PwC, so we find that the Engage course resonates really strongly with people from professional services firms – from engineers and accountants, to lawyers and financial advisors. But we’ve worked with a range of other B2B organisations who’ve seen huge benefits too – from a small locksmithing business and a food services business, to an IT consultant (see the testimonial from Joe below) and working with Adidas’ B2B sales reps on a global scale.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you’re a one-person-band or running a team in the largest of organisations; if you’re selling human-to-human, you can benefit from Engage.

Here’s what some past attendees had to say:


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“I consider myself extremely lucky that my professional path crossed that of Keith nearly four years ago, and that I can count Keith as one of my mentors today. In the space of four years, Keith and his ENGAGE approach to business have given me the tools and the confidence to take my career in a different direction, at a much faster pace. Keith has shaken my frame of reference, and this has delivered so much for me, personally, and for my organisations. Keith has been (and continues to be), a very influential person in my career. I cannot recommend highly enough for anyone to try and get to know the man and his approach to business.” Julien Lepetit, Senior Manager, Client Development, PwC (Zurich)

“I attribute the skills I learnt at the Smarter Selling (Engage) course to making my targets in my first year. I did the course in October and did 50% of my annual target in the 2 months leading up to the following June. I feel the skills I learned allowed me to build the relationships that saw me hit my numbers last year.” Joe Feredoes, IT Consultant

“Cannot recommend this training highly enough if you want to challenge old fashioned sales behaviours that are no longer relevant in today’s business environment. Building trust is the key to success yet we are often conditioned to avoid the conversations that enable this.”

“Loved it. Practical techniques – meaningful insights. Instilled more confidence in me for a (tough) road ahead.”

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Changing the sales culture in your business or firm?

If you’re from a large organisation or run your own business and are looking to change your relationship culture or implement a sales program to drive more sales, a two-day training program alone probably won’t deliver the results that you’re looking for. We’ve got lots of examples from businesses we’ve worked with as to what they’ve done themselves, as well as some things we’ve helped them with, that have enabled them to truly embed the ENGAGE approach in their business and create a relationship culture that actually differentiates them from their competitors. We’d be more than happy to share some of these stories and ideas with you, just drop us a line to to arrange a time.