client relationships

The project has finished, can we still talk?

by Ben Paul

One of the most common issues I hear from clients and others organisations is how they can talk to their contacts once the work has been completed. It is almost as if they have only had one sole reason to speak and that is to deliver the service for which they can send their invoice for. Then once that final invoice is sent, well what do you talk about?

Why your client doesn’t respond to your messages outside of the project

I’ve even had some people tell me that it is their client who either doesn’t want a relationship with their suppliers or that they are just simply extremely introverted or rude! There is of course a slim chance that this could be true but in my experience it is highly unlikely. So why aren’t they responding?

  1. The only value you give is in the work you do. Which is great, it is important for any business to deliver their service or product well. However, assuming you have compet [...]

Will a robot replace you?

By Ben Paul

Man v Machine.

There’s no doubt technology does some pretty cool things. In fact, it is a great enabler. Indeed, it has managed to speed up a lot of business processes and lead to efficiencies which have driven growth and economic prosperity. The effects on blue collar workers have been felt as lean manufacturing, and increasingly machines and robots, have replaced manual workers on production lines over the last 30 or so years. For many years most white collar professionals have felt secure that their skills and expertise will always be needed, and cannot be replaced. However, the landscape is changing rapidly and the rise of the machines is not bad news simply for the lower skilled workers.  Indeed, a recent McKinsey report (read report here) found that 20 percent of a CEO’s working time could be automated using current techn [...]