Are you looking for some new ideas on sales and client relationships? Ideas to help grow your business, and grow your own sales career?

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Sales Leadership 2016 is a collection of perspectives from 12 of Australia and New Zealand's best practitioners and thought leaders in sales from the Sales Masterminds Australasia Group.

In this e-book you will learn more about:

  • how to add value to your clients and customers.
  • the rise of social selling.
  • how to strategically brand yourself.
  • why it is important to lead yourself.
  • where the sales profession is heading and how to stay relevant.
  • what you need to understand about the increasingly fast, ever-changing marketplace.

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Topics covered include:

  • 'Moving from Price to Value: Building B2B Trust' by Keith Dugdale
  • 'How your Personal Brand can Transform Your Sales' by John Smibert
  • 'Are you Adding Value to your Clients. or Wasting Time?' by Wayne Moloney
  • 'I'm a Loser Baby - My first ever loss review' by Cian McLoughlin
  • 'Seven Questions to Help you Plan Your First Executive Meeting' by Steve Hall
  • 'How Smarketing Boosts Sales Results, Customer Experience and Employee Engagement' by Peter Strohkorb
  • 'Strategic Social Selling' by Tony Hughes
  • 'Activating the Leader Within' by Bernadette McClellan
  • 'Selling More Starts with Giving More' by Ian Lowe
  • 'The Enlightened Sales Professional' by Sue Barrett


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