Work with BofT

We’re Hiring!

Here at The Business of Trust, we’re looking for someone pretty special to help grow our business and the businesses of our clients. Someone who wants to help influence people and organisations in the way they build and grow their relationships, and how they win work. Someone who wants to truly enhance the lives of the people they work with.

Is it you, or someone you know?

We’re not necessarily looking for someone who is currently or has previously worked in a role training and coaching others. What we are looking for is a person who:

  • can stand in front of an audience and capture their attention. A person who has gravitas, or ‘mana’.
  • has a strong commercial understanding of business.
  • is a big picture thinker, who sees opportunities where others may see risks, but is also organised and constantly reliable.
  • knows and understands what we do here at The Business of Trust, and intrinsically believes in the power of trust to b [...]