Getting meetings with new clients

For sales success, don’t put yourself in a box

By Ben Paul

The main aim of many salespeople and those tasked with bringing work into their organisations, is to make contact and then get meetings with the senior decision makers. This, for many, is one of the biggest challenges they face, and even if they get that meeting, they soon find that they have been passed down the prospective client organisation to someone less senior.

So what is it that means the Senior decision maker – often at the C-Suite (CEO, CFO etc) level, doesn’t want to give up their time to you? It could just be the box that you have put yourself in. Do you genuinely think:


Simon Sinek’s sales email: what would I change?

Simon Sinek recently posted a blog where he re-wrote a sales email he’d received from a guy called Chris Miles.

After this was published, I had a few people send it to me asking me if I agreed with Simon or if I would have rewritten Chris’ email in a different way. Put simply, I think Simon’s email is 1000% better than Chris’ original version. But I still think it could be even more Simon-centric, and less self-oriented towards Quickbooks.

Here is Chris’ original email to Simon:

My name is Chris Miles and I am the CEO of Miles Technologies, a full-service information technology and computer services company. We provide IT and software solutions that help organizations like yours to radically cut costs and become more efficient, productive, and profitable.

Besides providing innovative IT services, Mil [...]

How I achieved an 85% success rate getting meetings with new prospects in France: a multicultural case study of the business of trust.

Julien Lepetit

By Julien Lepetit.

Approximately three years ago, I was introduced to Keith Dugdale’s Smarter Selling approach. At the time, I was working for a Fortune 500 professional services firm and held commercial responsibilities in my technical market.

It all instantly made sense to me. It was aligned with the intuitive approach to business I had taken for the past ten years – it comforted me in my views and cemented my perception of how to successfully do [...]