Key Client Programs

What’s Your Galactic Growth Strategy?

By Ben Paul.

Now that January is fully upon us, it is that time of year again when many businesses and departments within businesses start to look at their plans and strategies for the year ahead. But what does this actually entail? Will you simply review and tweak last year’s plan or follow the same format or structure that you’ve carried out every year? If you do you won’t be expecting radically different results.

I was thinking about this after I’d come out of the movie theatre having thoroughly enjoyed Disney’s latest instalment of the Star Wars Universe, Rogue One. Clearly the investment in Star Wars from Disney was around tapping into our childhood memories and producing as many films as close to the originals as possible to help the dollars come pouring in. Clearly Star Wars is one cash cow that can be almost endlessly milked, as sequels and side stories all have box-office and merchandise spin-off success.

However, how can you find a way to gr [...]

Key Account Programs – Why do they fail, and what makes them succeed?

35 years. That’s how long I’ve worked both for and with Professional Services and B2B firms. And during that 35 years, I don’t think I’ve come across a single firm that hasn’t had or tried to have in place some form of Key Account/Key Client Program (and by this I mean a formal approach to managing and building relationships with these clients, not a client database tool).

I’ve seen firms spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, primarily in staff time, trying to get these programs right. I’ve seen marketing and BD staff tearing their hair out trying to get programs up and running. I’ve seen the amazing results when firms happen to get it right. And this is why firms continue to try to implement them – because when they work, they can be incredibly powerful in driving firm growth.

But this last scenario is sadly few and far between. Most firms largely fail at establishing successful key account programs. Why is this?

A couple of weeks ago I ran [...]