Internal Culture

Does your boss trust you?

More importantly, have you given them good reason to?

One of the many barriers to building a great career can be your relationship with your boss, or perhaps those even higher up. Perhaps you never really get to mingle with your boss’s boss. If your boss says it’s better if they take care of this relationship, then there’s the first clue, they most likely don’t see you as a trusted partner. Because if they did they would share all their relationships with you.

So there are two important questions here: How do you know if your boss actually trusts you? What can you do to start building a trusted relationship if they don’t?

Tasks not conversations?

Use a carrot or a stick? 6 steps to getting the best results from your sellers.

By Keith Dugdale

“It’s like banging my head against a brick wall.”

This is what one of my clients said to me recently, expressing her frustration at getting a group of engineers in the business to adapt their sales behaviours in order to improve their sales results. She is by nature more of a ‘stick’ person than a ‘carrot’ person, but no amount of pleading, cajoling or threats of being blacklisted to the CEO seemed to be working for this particular group.

This to me, and I am sure to many of you, was not a surprise. Rarely in my experience do I see sales behaviours change as the result of being whipped into action with a stick.

Why the stick approach rarely works

Never a better case of a stick approach not only not working, but being entirely inappropriate, are the recent claims that READ MORE

Always running late? Here is why it’s time to change.

By Keith Dugdale

How many meetings have you been to today where at least one person was running late…and that person might just have been you?

I bet at least one, and maybe quite a few.

Over the last few months….well, the last few years if I’m totally honest….I’ve noticed an increasing trend in organisations for people to run late – late to meetings, late to training, late to workshops, basically late to anything where they’d committed to someone else that they would be somewhere at a specific time. And not only are people running late, but it appears to me that they are almost proud to be running late as it is a sign of their busyness, and that they are busier than everyone else.

Now I know that things crop up and stuff happens and it’s simply not always possible to be on time. But being late seems to have become the rule rather than the exception, which got me to thinking about what impact this culture of lateness is actually ha [...]