Client Choice Awards

Insights on business, sales and trust from Ian Rourke of FB Rice – Australia and NZ’s most client-focused IP specialist for 2017

One of the most common themes I come across when I interview the various winners of the Australian Financial Review Client Choice Awards each year is the winner’s genuine inability to articulate why they think they personally were rated the number one client service provider in their industry.

Without exception, they usually point to external factors – such as working with a great team, the win being the result of a fantastic team effort, or simply being lucky enough to have clients that are easy to work with.

When I interview Ian Rourke from FB Rice, winner of the Most Client Focused IP Specialist for 2017, he is no different. For him, it’s a combination of all three, but is definitely the result of having ‘eas [...]

‘Flogging engineering services has long gone’ says Australia’s most client-focused Engineer

According to Brent Thomas, it’s trust based relationships that matter most in business. And he should know – having just beaten an impressive field of candidates to win the national Client Choice Awards Most-Client Focused Engineer of the Year award for 2016.

“After every meeting, the client needs to leave with a feeling that you are easy to deal with, that you truly have their interests at heart, and you’re providing value out of the interaction,” Brent says. Unfortunately, he sees a lot of people in engineering, and business, that still h [...]

Here’s how Tonkin + Taylor won a client service award

An interview with Doug Johnson, Managing Director New Zealand, Tonkin + Taylor , by Ben Paul

Doug Johnson, MD, Tonkin + Taylor.

Each year, professional services firms across Australia and New Zealand battle it out for the Beaton Client Choice Awards. These awards, as nominated by their clients, name the best of the best when it comes to client service. And each year, after the awards are announced, and while the winners are still sipping champagne, the rest of us are left wondering ……how did they do it?

I decided to find out more about that client service secret sauce by interviewing Doug Johnson, Man [...]

Australia’s most client-focused accountant says it’s all about ‘The Power of AND’.

Graeme JenningsA couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of chatting with Graeme Jennings on a visit to Perth. Having already spoken with Australia’s most client-focused engineer and most client-focussed lawyer for 2015, I was intrigued to find out what similarities, if any, I would find in Australia’s most client-focused accounta [...]

What I learnt from Grant Holman, Australia’s most client-focused Engineer.

grant.holman__hcYou can learn a lot about a company, it’s culture and the people who work for it, by what happens when you enter their reception area.

When I walked into the reception area of Wood & Grieve Engineers in Melbourne at 5:15pm on a Monday afternoon to interview Grant Holman, the recent winner of the 2015 Financial Review Client Choice Awa [...]

‘Only 20% of what I do is actually about the law’: Mark Woolley chats with Keith about how he won the 2015 Financial Review Client Choice Award for most client-focused lawyer.

Mark WoolleyThe 2015 Financial Review Client Choice award winners were recently announced and among them was Mark Woolley (pictured left) from McInnes Wilson, winner of the award for most client focused lawyer based on independent feedback from dozens of [...]