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GUEST POST: Why we banned timesheets at our consultancy

To timesheet or not to timesheet – that seems to be a very common question.

While timesheeting is more common than not in the professional services, increasingly I am hearing people say that there has to be a better way, that they would love to focus more on value rather than time, but just don’t know if it’s possible, feasible, or even where to start.

So I asked someone in the know to share their story of working in a consulting practice that doesn’t use timesheets – why did that do it, and how does it work?

Today my guest poster is Darren Jurevicius, Managing Director of Resonate Consultants

Why we banned timesheets at our consultancy

In just six years Resona [...]

Repairing broken trust – what VW can learn from Marion Jones

Image by the Sydney Morning Herald

Ben Paul, Director, the Business of Trust, New Zealand.A guest blog by Ben Paul

Someone asked me the other day whether I think VW can ever rebuild the trust they have so badly broken with consumers the world over in wake of the recent emissions scandal.

It’s an interesting question. They’re pretty far down a hole at the moment, and I for one am very glad I’m not working in the PR department of VW, or on the floor as a sales rep. For all intents and purposes, it appears that they are just attempting to go about business-as-usual. This morning on my way to work I passed a billboard advertising one of their 4WDs, t [...]

How I achieved an 85% success rate getting meetings with new prospects in France: a multicultural case study of the business of trust.

Julien Lepetit

By Julien Lepetit.

Approximately three years ago, I was introduced to Keith Dugdale’s Smarter Selling approach. At the time, I was working for a Fortune 500 professional services firm and held commercial responsibilities in my technical market.

It all instantly made sense to me. It was aligned with the intuitive approach to business I had taken for the past ten years – it comforted me in my views and cemented my perception of how to successfully do [...]