Worried your pitch is boring? Do this one thing to set yourself apart.

By Keith Dugdale

I think we all pretty much know that the briefs clients issue with Requests for Proposals (RFPs) usually only tell about 50% of the story – if you’re lucky.

Often they don’t really state the full problem or outline the full scope. Often there are glaring holes, or unexplainable things. Often the brief does not reflect the needs and concerns of all interested parties internally. Often they’re just written really poorly.

One significant thing usually missing from many RFP documents is why the entity is planning the project they have gone to market for. This disconnect is significant. Unless you as the potential provider understand why they are doing the project there are two major risks:

1. You may miss out on the other 50% of the story.
2. You will not be in a position to challenge them if they have gone to market for the wrong project to achieve the ultimate aim – the why.

We all know, at least in theory, that w [...]