About Keith & the BofT Team


Keith is the Managing Director of The Business of Trust.

What does trust mean to me? Trust is what matters. Without it, everything becomes suspicious.

Keith is a successful author, business coach and international speaker on client relationships and building trust in business. He is the co-author of the best-selling “Smarter Selling: How to grow sales by building trusted relationships” published by Financial Times Prentice Hall, which has now been translated into 5 languages including Chinese and Russian, and is the co-developer of the ENGAGE training program which has been delivered to more than 10,000 people worldwide, directly resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

For more than 30 years, Keith’s career focus has been on relationships between people in business, primarily in a sales environment. This has led him to a career with positions varying from head of training and development for PwC China to a business development and sales coach in Australia.

 Having learned the consulting ropes whilst at PwC, Keith set up his own consulting business in 2004 running sales training and coaching, and now works closely professional services and business-to-business organisations all over the world, helping them to improve the trust they have in their relationships both internally and externally.

Keith is currently working on his second book. When he’s not helping people learn how to build trust, he can be found brewing his own beer or skiing in Whistler. He can be reached at keith.dugdale@boft.com

Julien Lepetit The Business of Trust JULIEN LEPETIT

Julien is the Director of The Business of Trust, Europe

As a former consultant himself, Julien is able to relate closely to the uncomfortable journey that comes with the necessary behavioural change for his trainees and coachees.

A consulting engineer for 10 years, he rapidly built rapport with engineers, technicians, architects, project managers and all the disciplines involved in infrastructure planning, construction and development. Since moving into a Client and Business Development role, he has also worked with accountants, lawyers, management consultants, cybersecurity and digital transformation experts.

Julien works with his clients to:

  • Develop and implement client strategies.
  • Prepare for meetings to create a truly different client experience.
  • Carefully position their companies for opportunities.
  • Develop higher proposal win rates.
  • Prepare compelling proposal presentations.
  • Rehearse, practice and put in place our various tools and techniques.

Here are some examples of specific outcomes from Julien’s work:

  • Helped a Canberra based Managing Director secure their first ever sole-sourced project for the ACT Government despite his adamant view that it was simply impossible due to procurement rules.
  • In his last consulting role, he met his revenue targets, including 85% revenue from government clients, without participating in any public Request for Proposal processes.
  • Part of a team of sales coaches at PwC who helped boost the proposal win rate from 28% to 69% in 2017.
  • As an ENGAGE facilitator for PwC, his satisfaction rating by participants was 4.93/5 (98.6%) for the period Oct-15 to June-17.
  • Worked closely with a Key Account Manager and Global Relationship Partner at PwC to grow their account by +270% in 7 months, primarily through discipline around meeting planning and use of the Engage tools.

“In Julien, I have found a sparring partner capable and willing to constructively and openly challenge my thinking as I work to grow our pipeline and revenues. In his interaction with my leadership team and others partners, I have noticed how Julien’s confidence and enthusiastic approach to BD is contagious.” Didier Ehret, Partner at PwC

Julien can be contacted on Julien.lepetit@boft.com or find him on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/julienlepetit/

Kathryn is the Marketing Director of The Business of Trust.

What does trust mean to me? I always say that to build trust you have to be genuine, and you have to genuinely care for the other person. There are no games.

Kathryn first met Keith as a client in her role as Group Marketing Manager, Australia + New Zealand for AECOM, a global Fortune 500 firm. In this role Kathryn was responsible for managing the marketing operations function across ANZ’s five regions, as well as lead the identification, development and implementation of major programs to raise market awareness, and drive client acquisition and retention.

Whilst at AECOM, Kathryn introduced, directed and championed the Winning Client Conversations (WCC) training and culture change program based on Keith’s ENGAGE program. WCC was awarded a high commendation in the 2013 global AECOM Excellence Awards, and in the 2012 Beaton Benchmarks engineering and environmental services research findings for Australia, AECOM scored 9% higher than its Big 9 Competitors for prospecting.

Kathryn is a certified facilitator and coach of the ENGAGE training materials. She also works with clients to embed longer-term programs to support sales culture change, develops client-centric marketing strategies, helps them improve their winning work processes, and develops customer experience and client relationship programs. She can be reached at kathryn.koch@boft.com


Our Affiliates and Facilitators:

We have a number of affiliates and facilitators that we work closely with around the world who are certified in the ENGAGE training program and ENGAGE sales coaching. Please contact us if you’d like to find out if we have a partner in your city/country.

David Lambert
IOWEU International
Hong Kong

What does trust mean to me?
Trust means being open, honest and transparent. In the context of business relationships it means doing what is right, which is not always what is best for you.

Based in Hong Kong since 1995, David is a successful business author and an accomplished speaker, coach and business consultant. He is an authority on how to build trusted relationships, having co-authored Smarter Selling with Keith Dugdale. David heads a global training and coaching network that numbers over 100 network affiliates in more than 20 countries. He is a Certified Master Coach (Behavioural Coaching Institute), a Master Trainer for Think on Your Feet® and a Master Trainer for IOWEU International’s suite of business dialogue programs.

Venessa ImageVanessa Bluen
Managing Director,
The Consultant Powerhouse
South Africa

With a curiosity and passion for people, development, and new experiences, Vanessa Bluen, Managing Director of The Consultant Powerhouse, leads a talented team who design and implement customised learning solutions that transform consultants and leaders into confident new economy business partners, adding value to their client’s success. Vanessa has shared her expertise on numerous occasions in the media, including Summit TV, Invent Yourself, SAFM, Radio 702 and SABC 3’s 3Talk with Noeleen Maholwana Sangqu. Articles on her work have appeared in The Business Times, The Star, Business Day and Finance Week.

Luc Kox
Blue Horizon Solutions
Perth, Australia

Luc started his career as an engineer in The Netherlands before his passion for business development led him to (SE) Asia, where he spent more than 5 years developing businesses and projects in Vietnam, Singapore and Japan. He relocated to Perth in 2008 to spearhead the Australian market entry for a major Dutch engineering consultancy. Luc now runs a successful business providing a wide range of business development and market entry services to domestic and international clients. He has a keen eye for identifying market opportunities and a proven ability to convert them. Luc is passionate about growing businesses by developing relationships based on mutual trust and is an accredited facilitator of the ENGAGE training program.

David MacDonaldDavid MacDonald
What does trust mean to me? Trust is the foundation of everything that matters; is meaningful; and is rewarding in business. Without it, we would lead a vacuous  professional existence.

After 19 years in banking and wealth management in the UK, David founded his own learning and development business in 2001, and over the last two years he has also taken on the role of Managing Director for a boutique Interior Architecture & Design business in Thailand, where he has helped build the business into a successful service provider.

Professionally based in Singapore, although living in Thailand, his key focus areas include client relationship management and business development, creating and implementing holistic skills and behavioural change related learning and development solutions. Some of his key financial services clients in recent years include: Bank of Singapore, Bank Julius Baer, Barclays Wealth, CIMB, Coutts & Co, HSBC Private Bank, The Royal Bank of Scotland NV,Solution Providers, UBP, United Overseas Bank, and Zurich International.

Chris ReardonChris Reardon
Director, CR:t
Melbourne, Australia

What does trust mean to me? Trust is the strong sense a person will always deliver on their word and will never deliberately do something to your disadvantage. Without trust, forget business! There wouldn’t even be a society!

Chris’s passion has always been, and continues to be, the growth and development of people. With technical expertise in international and corporate taxation, Chris is a former PwC Partner and executive coach who has been involved in the development and delivery of programs on professional selling, consulting skills, presentation skills, coaching and leadership development.

Client’s Chris has worked with over the past five years include Johnson & Johnson, Telstra Super, AECOM, PwC, Scouts Australia and the Reach Foundation.


Our Partners:

We know what we’re good at, and we also know when we need to draw on the skills and experience of others to help our clients solve problems in areas outside of what we specialise in. When we do choose to partner with others, we only partner with people we think are the best at what they do and the value they add to clients.
Jayne Roodhouse
Principal Consultant, Fourt2Consulting
Brisbane Australia

What does trust mean to me? The removal of anxiety.

 With over 15 years of experience as a B2B Customer Experience Specialist, Jayne has gained an intimate knowledge of the drivers of business to business relationships.  She has worked with a number of large organisations across a variety of sectors including Professional Services, Government, Telecommunications, Utilities, Logistics and Healthcare to build measurement programs that unearth the drivers of good customer experience.

Encouraging her clients to seek the truth when it comes to customer feedback, Jayne helps them to understand critical success factors in the key areas of relationship management, service delivery and commercial performance. She has personally conducted thousands of interviews from CEO and Board level through to operational front line staff.  By capturing feedback first hand, Jayne is able to provide her clients direct accounts of the customer experience and bring to life the insights gained. Jayne then works with her clients to implement initiatives programs that drive improvements across the business.

Kellie Dix
Owner, Incite International

What does trust mean to me? Trust is the foundation of any successful business and personal relationship. Trust gives me permission to share honest thoughts and opinions without judgement or consequence and at the same time I am open to receive the same direct dialogue. Without trust, relationships are not meaningful.

Kellie is the owner of Incite International, a consulting business that specialises in sales culture transformation, working with clients to develop high performing, proactive and client centric cultures. With more than 20 years’ experience in business-to-business markets, Kellie has held a number of senior leadership roles for PwC and other organisations both in Australia and in Switzerland. She was previously the Client Development Leader for PwC Switzerland where she initiated and led a cultural shift and re-organisation of the business development function.

Kellie challenges clients to ‘think outside their world’​ so they tap into a new level of thinking and potential. She works with organisations to become more client centric in their approach to winning business and in doing so, engages the client to have a more proactive sales culture and winning spirit.