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Always running late? Here is why it’s time to change.

By Keith Dugdale

How many meetings have you been to today where at least one person was running late…and that person might just have been you?

I bet at least one, and maybe quite a few.

Over the last few months….well, the last few years if I’m totally honest….I’ve noticed an increasing trend in organisations for people to run late – late to meetings, late to training, late to workshops, basically late to anything where they’d committed to someone else that they would be somewhere at a specific time. And not only are people running late, but it appears to me that they are almost proud to be running late as it is a sign of their busyness, and that they are busier than everyone else.

Now I know that things crop up and stuff happens and it’s simply not always possible to be on time. But being late seems to have become the rule rather than the exception, which got me to thinking about what impact this culture of lateness is actually ha [...]

The Big Sales Pitch

Post by Ben Paul, Director – New Zealand

I need to talk about my stuff!

I’ve noticed a growing trend across many salespeople and professionals, the desire to talk about what it is we do and what we offer. Deep down, we all know that this is probably something of a conversation killer. Things may have been going along very well and then suddenly, the client or target, is subjected to the big sales pitch moment. Then the person you’re meeting is most likely polite, may even say thank you, that sounds interesting and perhaps even “why don’t you send me a proposal on that?”

If that sounds like your typical meeting or even a successful meeting outcome to you, be warned it isn’t. It is most likely that the client has asked for the proposal to store on file, or as a polite way to end the meeting (see this post on the dangers of jumping to your solut [...]

Stop focusing on closing sales and start getting curious.

Post by Ben Paul, Director – New Zealand

There’s a classic scene in Glengarry Glen Ross when Alec Baldwin gives his version of an inspirational sales speech. It’s anything but and if you do watch it, be warned the language is strong. One of the main points is that salespeople should follow their ABC:  A – Always; B – Be, C – Closing. It’s scary because it’s probably a mantra many follow in some way shape or form. How many interviews for prospective sales people focus around can you close?

However, if you want to build a trusted relationship with your client or prospect it is far better to think differently and re-learn your ABC along the lines of A – Always; B – Be; C – Curious. The key here is to be curious and seek to understand what their goals and aspirations are and what is actually important to them.

This is key to building great rapport with anyone, not just a client. Are you actually interested in the other person? You [...]