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How to turn a losing bid into a win

So you lost a bid.

Unfortunately, most organisations lose more bids than they win. Many actually aim to lose bids, with target 60% win rates and the like. That’s like your favourite sporting team starting the season saying ‘We’re aiming to win 60% of our games!’. Fans would be horrified, and management and players would probably all be sacked. The intention, in bidding or sport, should of course always be to win everything we go for.

When firms do lose bids, their reaction then tends to be “let’s go and do a debrief and find out why we lost.” While there is certainly a lot to be learned from this, and potentially some benefit to the client if it’s done right, the people that benefit most from that dialogue are from the organisation who lost the bid. The client organisation doesn’t really gain anything (apart from po [...]