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Simon Sinek’s sales email: what would I change?

Simon Sinek recently posted a blog where he re-wrote a sales email he’d received from a guy called Chris Miles.

After this was published, I had a few people send it to me asking me if I agreed with Simon or if I would have rewritten Chris’ email in a different way. Put simply, I think Simon’s email is 1000% better than Chris’ original version. But I still think it could be even more Simon-centric, and less self-oriented towards Quickbooks.

Here is Chris’ original email to Simon:

My name is Chris Miles and I am the CEO of Miles Technologies, a full-service information technology and computer services company. We provide IT and software solutions that help organizations like yours to radically cut costs and become more efficient, productive, and profitable.

Besides providing innovative IT services, Mil [...]

What I learnt from Grant Holman, Australia’s most client-focused Engineer.

grant.holman__hcYou can learn a lot about a company, it’s culture and the people who work for it, by what happens when you enter their reception area.

When I walked into the reception area of Wood & Grieve Engineers in Melbourne at 5:15pm on a Monday afternoon to interview Grant Holman, the recent winner of the 2015 Financial Review Client Choice Awa [...]